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11/05/09 03:58 PM #1    

Eric Hampton Reeder

Fist a big thanks to Cynthia Ivey Mott for the great pictures, and all the others who posted them. Also thanks to all who work on this site and worked so hard for the great reunion!

This site is a lot of our own facebook, and several I have spoken with said we should post info for an annual picnic and/or golf event. Some even said they would drive as far a Atlanta for that! And yes I will be willing to help and do live local to Greensboro.

Also, as far as the next reunion...10 years is toooo long! We ain't gettin any younger guys, so let's party while we are at least still young at heart! Let's vote for a reunion in 5 years!

Eric Reeder 336-575-9467

11/07/09 12:21 PM #2    

Leslie Tawana Lyons (Brown)

Hi Everyone! Looks like you all had a ball. So sorry I wasn't able to make it. I agree that we should try to plan another. Especially since I didn't make this one. Everyone looks great although my old age is creeping in and I can't remember all the names. Big shout outs to Cynthia McCray, Brenda & Belinda Ray, Mark Ogelsby, Judy Manwarren, Stan Raper, Donna Liverman, Alex Parker, Joy and also Tina. I know I missed some others but charge it to my mind and not to my heart. I'll at least stay in touch via internet.

Talk to you guys soon.

Leslie Lyons

03/29/10 06:11 PM #3    

Lesley Carol Buck (Logan )

Any updates yet on getting together sooner? You could definitely count me in.
Lesley (Buck) Logan

03/29/10 06:12 PM #4    

Lesley Carol Buck (Logan )

By the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Judy:)

03/30/10 06:49 AM #5    

Judy Manwarren (Rebo)

Lesley Buck-THANK YOU !!!! I can't believe next year-half a century !!!!!! I see you have 1 coming up-so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO !!!!! But-YOU still look like you did "back in the day" !!!! I hope we can get something together SOON !!!! I am thinking a "Senior" trip but unfortunately, "Senior" means something totally different than it did in 1979 !!!!!THANK YOU AGAIN & please tell those brother's of your's-Grandma said Hi !!!!!

12/25/10 08:35 PM #6    

Gary W. Burroughs

Here's wishing all of MY FRIENDS and FORMER CLASSMATES a SINCERE MERRY CHRISTMAS and also a HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2011. We hope that EACH OF YOU are BLESSED with the PEACE, LOVE, & HAPPINESS that this Holiday Season brings to you, your family, and your friends !!

With All Of Our Love,



06/02/11 08:01 AM #7    

Reginald Jerome White

June 2 2011 I am so moved by reading the responses, that its almost like a dream.  I feel like i,m in high school again.  I feel like I missed so much from my clasmates.  You guys were a great group of people that I failed to get to know as I should've.  I know you as you speak to one another thru this form of communication.  I remember each one of you as you share I remember you as you were , but I missed the opportunity to realy know the great class of 1979.  I am on a journey to befriend all of you ,so don't leave  me out of the next class reuion or class picnic . If possible please put our old senior pictures from 1979 on the home cover.  I also would like to know if anybody remember Jeff he was on the swim team. I can't remeber his last name and he realy was a good friend, but I left high school a semester early to go to school(dumb decision).  I lost contact with everyone.  Jeff lived in Harrison Holmes with his Aunt but When I returne she was decesed .  Somebody told me at that time that Jeff was also dead of a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles Ca.   He was a great or still is a great guy, I realy just dont know of his fate one way or another but I would like too. I f you know let us know He realy is a great person to know .

06/08/11 01:46 PM #8    


Cassandra Johnson (Wang)

 Hi! Cassandra(Sandy) finally has a picture uploaded:)

04/10/12 11:48 PM #9    


Belinda Denise Combo (Combo-Logan)

Thanks Lougina Williams for the birthday wish.

Belinda Combo-Logan




11/04/14 07:28 AM #10    

Lesley Carol Buck (Logan )


Hi All,

I enjoyed looking at all the pictures from the reunion.  So sorry to have missed it, but it's not everyday you have two grandchildren born 4 days apart so I could not leave Florida at that time   It is strange to be a grandmother when I remember our time together being not so long ago !  I'm sure others of you can attest, it is awesome! I have two granddaughters, Anna and Ireland , both healthy and beautiful-such a blessing !  I also vote for 5 years for next reunion and will make it. As Eric said, we aren't getting any younger ! May the rest of the year be good to all of you , my friends.  Lesley 



11/05/14 02:44 PM #11    

Sharon Layman (Dwyer)

Hi Lesley,

Congratulations on the two grandchildren!  How fun.  

Thanks to Cindy Ivey and all her efforts in managing the alumni site as I learned about the reunion opportunity (the first I was aware of since the 5th reunion so long ago)!  I had rsvped and planned to make this on but a very good friend's 26 year-old daughter suffered multiple trauma injuries in a car accident just before the reunion and I was unable to make our gathering.  

Everybody looked like they were having a ball!  Go Class of '79.  I vote for FIVE and to the reunion committee, I would be happy to help plan - 843 271 1595.


Sharon (Layman) Dwyer

11/11/14 12:25 PM #12    

Kathryn Putnam (Poynter)

Hi Everyone,

So sorry to miss out on the 35th Reunion, but it was wonderful to view all the pictures from the event. It looked like a GREAT time! A special "thank you" goes to Cindy for maintaining the Class of 1979 website/message forum.

I hope to see you all at the next milestone...the 40th Reunion! If the reunion committee needs help, I am happy to volunteer.

Kathi (Putnam) Poynter



11/11/14 02:24 PM #13    


Rosalyn Lynette Posey

Hello, Hello, Hello! I'm prayaing that all is well in ALL Areas of Life with everyone. Thanks for sharing and posting the 35th pictures and I'm looking forward to our 40th Reunion.

How does everyone feel/think about meeting up yearly until the 40th? This would allow those that come in town to meet, visit, take pictures and hang out with us here local & surrounding area folks.

If room permits, I too am very much interested with joining the Reunion Committee...maybe forming sub-committess.

I pray BLESSINGS upon ALL!!! angel

Rosalyn "Roz" Posey ( / 336-254-8493)

11/12/14 09:09 AM #14    

Renee Marie Triplett (Chandler)

Thanks so much to the reunion committee for all of the hard work that went into the planning and holding of our 35th reunion!!  It was a great time!  I really enjoyed seeing everyone and catching up with what is going on in individual lives.  

I can't wait until the next time that we can all get together, whether it be the 40th or sooner.  You all hold very special places in my heart.  God's blessings on all until we meet again.



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